Free sponsored slot every period (2 weeks)!

For a given period (15 days), we count the votes for the servers and the one with the most votes wins the free slot on the 4th place for the next period.
In case the server also won the bidding it will be displayed on 2 of 4 slots (!) in sponsored places.* The winning server also gets access to statistics (from the voting period and the server promotion period *).
Add your server today and promote it for free!
* - only on homepage. On the remaining listings (with gamemode, server version etc.), the server will be displayed once on the highest possible slot (if he has won 1 and won 4, it will be displayed in 1st position).
Current period: 11.02.2024 20:00 - 26.02.2024 19:59
The server with the most votes will be displayed in the period: 26.02.2024 20:00 - 12.03.2024 19:59

Promote your server on our server list by sending a voting link to your players (players can vote for your server every 12 hours) and get a free promotion on our site! To further encourage your players to vote, you can award them with prizes. Our website supports plugin votifier - see how to install votifier on your server.

We remind you that the use of machines / bots etc. is a violation of our regulations. If such activity is detected, the votes obtained in this way may be removed and the server may be banned.

* - Each server that buys a promotion from us gets access to statistics (including historical ones) forever. In case of winning a free slot, the server gets access to 2 time periods:
1) from the voting period
2) from the promotion display period
Current period (11.02.2024 20:00 - 26.02.2024 19:59) stats: