About Us

What is MinecraftCave?

The MinecraftCave page is a app with a list of minecraft servers. Our goal was to create a server list where it is easy and, above all, quick to find a server of the type we like. We also tried to give the best promotion tool for the server owners. In the dashboard you will find, among other things, very detailed statistics * (the number of views on listings, the number of views on the server page, redirects to the website, copied IP addresses).
We are constantly working on the development of the website, so expect new features in the near future!
You can have an active impact on the development of the website - if you have an idea what is missing, contact us via the contact form on the contact page (select feature as the subject of contact).

* - statistics are available for servers that purchase promotion on our website at least once. Access is granted forever. In addition, access to statistics from 2 periods (voting and promotion period) is given to servers that won voting for the best server in a given period.

How does our ranking work?

The servers in our ranking are sorted as follows:
  1. Sponsored servers: slots 1-3
  2. A free sponsored slot server that has won a vote in the previous period - slot 4
  3. Servers with the most votes
  4. Servers with the most players online
Our ranking is most influenced by the number of votes cast in a given time period, so it is worth encouraging other players to vote for your server. The server with the most votes gets a free promoted slot at position 4! More info here.

How to get in touch?

You can contact us in several ways:
  • Via the contact form on the contact page
  • Via live chat after logging into your account (go to dashboard) - for live chat to be active you must have at least one server added