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  • Country: United States
  • Players: 126 / 500
  • Status: Online
  • Server Type: Java
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On our website you will find Vulengate discord address, Vulengate ip and other important information and statistics. Remember that you can vote for your favorite server once every 12 hours.

What server type is Vulengate?

The Vulengate is java server.

What versions of the game are supported by the Vulengate?

The Vulengate supports versions: 1.20.

What is the location of the Vulengate?

The Vulengate server is hosted on United States.

What gamemodes are available on the Vulengate?

The server offers such gamemodes as: Vanilla, Survival, PvE, Economy.

What is the address of the Vulengate discord server?

We have no information about the address of the discord server for the Vulengate.

What is the website of the x server?

You will find the website in the section where there are buttons with voting and copying the IP address. You can also click the link here

Server Information

Experience the thrill of Vulengate, the ultimate survival server crafted for the Minecraft community enthusiast! Our server proudly offers a secure, Keep Inventory-enabled environment, ensuring your treasures are always safe from griefing and raiding—guaranteed.

Engage in a robust, player-driven economy brimming with opportunities to amass wealth. Embark on jobs, open your very own shop, or auction items for profit. The economic adventure awaits!

Elevate your game with mcMMO's special abilities, and explore a trove of over 50 unique custom enchantments to empower your gameplay.

Climb the ranks within our vibrant economy, unlocking new, exciting commands and coveted perks as you progress.

Join us for a plethora of events every month, open to all, where fun meets competition and the rewards are as grand as the adventures.

Discover the myriad of features we offer that's beyond words here. Your next grand Minecraft saga begins at Vulengate—join us now and become part of the legend!

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