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  • Country: United States
  • Players: 95 / 300
  • Status: Online
  • Server Type: Java
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On our website you will find Simple Survival discord address, Simple Survival ip and other important information and statistics. Remember that you can vote for your favorite server once every 12 hours.

What server type is Simple Survival?

The Simple Survival is java server.

What versions of the game are supported by the Simple Survival?

The Simple Survival supports versions: 1.20, 1.2.

What is the location of the Simple Survival?

The Simple Survival server is hosted on United States.

What gamemodes are available on the Simple Survival?

The server offers such gamemodes as: Vanilla, Survival, PvP, PvE, Minigames, Economy.

What is the address of the Simple Survival discord server?

We have no information about the address of the discord server for the Simple Survival.

What is the website of the x server?

You will find the website in the section where there are buttons with voting and copying the IP address. You can also click the link here

Server Information


BEDROCK IP: (Port: 19132)

Step into the world of Simple Survival, a Minecraft haven designed for the true aficionado! Running on version 1.20.2, our server is a tapestry of innovation and tradition, offering a dynamic economy shaped by you, the player. Engage in trade, barter, and sale with fellow enthusiasts, all at your own pace.

For those who cherish their creations, we provide a secure land claiming feature to shield your masterpieces from the chaos of griefing and raiding. Build, showcase, and let your imagination run wild in a safe and supportive environment.

But that's not all - ascend through the ranks and indulge in a suite of perks, dive into a calendar of unique events, and unlock custom items and gear through the crates located at the spawn point.

Whether you're a Java user connecting through or a Bedrock player entering via (Port: 19132), Simple Survival is your destination for a richer, fuller Minecraft journey. Join us and elevate your game!

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